The Institute, 72″ x 84″


This series of paintings represent an observation of the influences that are in my life at the moment.  The institutions that I belong to or at the very least my attempt to belong to.  The institute of art, and determining whether it is a language that can be universal or directed to one community only.  The institute of University, what it means to be apart of that, my own personal experience and acknowledging that it is one of privilege.  With any institute we belong to comes structure and systems of influence, I am invested in navigating my way through these influences, and choosing what to take with me and embrace along the way.  Painting has become my own way of navigating through this life. It has reminded me to jump off of the top of metaphorical pink staircases, travel, if only in my dreams, to remain conscious towards the world around me, and to speak my own truth.



Pink Stairwell, 48″ x 60″

On view at the Don Wheaton Centre, Edmonton, AB until November, 2016



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