This is Water

Vernon Public Art Gallery, July 28 – October 26, 2022

This is Water

Vernon Public Art Gallery

Curated by Lubos Culen

07/28/2022 – 10/26/2022

Catalogue essay written by Maggie McKenney

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, 2022
48” x 72” oil on canvas

This is Water

I’ve been thinking a lot about water.

To float down the river effortlessly

And break away from thought

form and distraction.

To play in tune with the vibrating strings of You. 

Continuously I tell myself, be water.

Through the city I observe the banal.

Concrete walls constructed to contain

Lifting us up from one prefabricated structure

to the next and I struggle to breathe

Plan your escape, I hear her say.

I feel the urgency to stand at ocean’s edge.

Be water. This is water, I hear You say.

I look across to you and

You are the only one 

Drinking coffee.  

The parking lot is empty and we no longer

talk about the weather.

I leave you and I move through space

Continuing the search for stability;

The foundations of Being beyond being in-itself

And I know.

Be water. This is water.

Strategies of Being, 2022
48” x 72” oil on canvas
Meditations, 2022      
48” x 72” oil on canvas               
The Flood, 2020          
64.5” x 76.75” oil on canvas
Vibrations, 2020
77” x 99.75” oil on canvas
Parallel Universe, 2022
64” x 103” oil on canvas

*Photographs provided by Yuri Akuney

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