Artist Statement

Painting maintains an independent language that communicates more effectively than words.  I wish to better understand how colour choice, brushstroke, and other expressive decisions can connect.  How a painting is rendered should reflect the subject matter.  The layering quality of paint shows a history, it can either show a struggle or the artist’s attempt to cover up that history.  I am drawn to contemporary artists such as Peter Doig, Jenny Saville, Tim Kent, Neo Rauch and Adrian Ghenie, artists who allow their process to be visible –something I am building towards in my own work.

I am interested in finding a balance between realism and abstraction, with emphasis on human ethics and individual responsibility.  The search for a sense of place during a time of instability has been motivated through internal and external circumstance.  The observation of structure has acted as a poetic metaphor for this search.  The change I have seen in the city I currently reside has been a source of inspiration in many paintings.  Observing destruction and construction, rebuilding and containment, representing a constant need for human development but at times a further separation from one another and nature.